Leganes: Karting at Outdoor Karting Formula Zero (1 session)


Try kart racing at Outdoor Karting Formula Zero for a spectacular adventure.

Looking for a go-kart deal you can’t say no to? This go-kart venue is perfect for young and old. An unforgettable day is guaranteed when visiting Outdoor Karting Formula Zero in Leganes, Community of Madrid. Young and old enjoy a karting race on this outdoor track.

Experience this incredible go-kart track yourself for only 16,-. Not only is go-karting very fun, it’s also very safe. A safety instruction before the race makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Do you already know who you want to challenge for an outstanding race? Then get ready to have the time of your life. Plan your visit now!

per person

About this deal

Duration: 45m

This includes arrival, instruction and race time.



This venue has an outdoor go kart track.
This venue uses traditional go karts.
The well-designed track is fun for beginners and more experienced people.


Access to the go-kart track
Safety briefing

About this venue

Outdoor Karting Formula Zero
Leganes, Community of Madrid
per person