10 of the best outdoor kart tracks in the world

Would you like to race on an outdoor kart track, but are you overwhelmed by the options? Keep on reading. There are many outdoor go-kart tracks all over the world. But which of these outdoor go-kart tracks is the best? We ranked 10 of the best outdoor kart tracks in the world.

Best outdoor tracks in The Netherlands

Adventure Eefde, Eefde

Let’s start in the Netherlands. Are you planning a road trip through Europe? Stop in Holland if you are a fan of karting. In The Netherlands, you’ll find a 600-meter long circuit at Adventure Eefde. Start the battle with your travel companionship on this amazing kart track with has some challenging turns to sharpen your skills.

Zero55 Apeldoorn, Apeldoorn

In addition to Eefde, The Netherlands have another fun outdoor go-kart track. Zero55 Apeldoorn. Race with a group on this circuit which is partly inside and partly outside! This unique feature makes every lap of your go-kart race special.

Best outdoor tracks in Belgium 

Goodwill Karting, Antwerp 

Belgium has some great outdoor places to race as well. This outdoor kart circuit is one of the best in the world. Goodwill Karting near Antwerp will provide a real Formula 1 experience. This go-kart track is inside and outside and has exciting and sharp turns that will make your race as challenging as an F1 race!

Best outdoor tracks in United Kingdom

Raceway Kart Centre, Gainsborough

Moving over to some amazing UK based tracks. Besides the fact that karting outside is very cool to do, it is also quite healthy to race in the fresh air. Feel the wind blow through your hair when you go through the tight turns or on the straights. The circuit of Raceway Kart Center in Gainsborough is 600 meters of outdoor fun! Try to catch up with your friends and overtake them when you get the chance. 

Ancaster Leisure, Ancaster 

The go-kart track of Ancaster Leisure is the longest outdoor circuit in all of England! The circuit is no less than 1300 meters long! This circuit makes the perfect arena to challenge your friends and find out who the best karter of the group really is.

Adventure Sports, Warwick

Are you looking for a go-kart circuit that contains exciting turns and straights in which you can perfectly overtake your friends? Try the kart track of Adventure Sports in Warwick. This outdoor go-kart track is 350 meters long and is the perfect location for every race. It also makes for a great place to celebrate a children’s party, bachelor party, or to race with your colleagues during a team-building activity.

Best outdoor tracks in Ireland

Athboy Karting Centre Ltd, Athboy

Ireland is home to another great outdoor karting track! One of the world’s best go-karting tracks located in Ireland is called Athboy Karting Center Ltd. This kart circuit is no less than 950 meters long and is perfect to show your kart skills! Can you beat your opponents on this outdoor circuit in Ireland?

Best outdoor tracks in United States of America

Go Kart World, Carson, Californië

California based go-kart track Go Kart World has several things to offer. This outdoor go-kart track can be visited with your family or friends. But this location is also perfect for every kind of celebration you can imagine. A children’s party or a bachelor party. Everyone is welcome to race a few laps on this amazing outdoor track in Carson. Check out the racing flags beforehand.

Orlando Kart Center, Orlando, Florida

Are you ready for the action, speed, and competition karting brings to the table? In that case, you are ready to go karting at Orlando Kart Center. On this outdoor kart circuit, you feel like a real kart driver when you go through the sharp turns. Karting on this outdoor circuit can be done by all ages. Try this circuit for yourself and see whether or not you are the fastest outdoor kart racer?

Best outdoor tracks in the world: Orlando Kart Center

Lokomotion Family Fun Park, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Do you like an adventurous activity and do you love to go outdoors? Then you are at the right place at Lokomotion Family Fun Park! You race on an outdoor circuit and you feel the wind in your hair when you go through the turns. Invite your friends, family, or colleagues to this quick and fun activity. Who is the fastest of the race? This outing is also a great option for your kids’ party.

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These are just 10 of the outdoor go-kart tracks you can find from all over the world. Curious about which outdoor circuits America has to offer? You can find all the outdoor kart circuits in America here. 


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