The 8 karting flags you could encounter while karting

When you go karting you have to deal with different rules and flags. Why actually? That has everything to do with the safety of you and the staff of the go-kart track. For example, there are different flags that you can encounter while karting. Not every flag is used for every track, but these 8 flags can be encountered while karting:

The 8 flags during karting

There are 8 different flags that you can see on the go-kart track. Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize them all. Before you get into the kart, it will be explained again. Here they are listed: 

1 # Yellow flag 

Danger on the job! Slow your speed and don’t overtake anyone. This is very important to ensure safety.

2 # Green flag

The track is safe again. The yellow situation is over. Press the right pedal and start racing!

3 # Red flag

Stop! The race is halted due to an accident, blockage or false start, for example. The race is stopped immediately and will continue when everyone is at the start line or when the situation is safe again.

4 # Blue flag

You don’t want to see this one, because a blue flag means that someone with a lap lead will overtake you. When you see this flag, you have to make room for whoever is overtaking you.

5 # Black flag

This flag does not make you happy either, because if you get the black flag you are disqualified and you have to leave the race. You will be disqualified for unsportsmanlike driving behavior, for example by constantly hindering or bumping into your opponents.

6 # Black flag with orange dot

There is something wrong with your kart. Have this repaired at the pit lane. Here it will be repaired. This is one of the karting flags you probably would rather not see.

7 # White flag

This flag indicates that you are entering the final round. You are almost at the finish! Just accelerate and who knows, you might end up in first place. One of the most exciting karting flags to see.

8 # Black / White checkered flag

This is the finish flag. You want to be the first to see this flag, because if that happens you have won! Will you be the first one to see this flag? If not, these are the best excuses to use.

Karting flags black/white checkered flag

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In all situations it is important to follow instructions from the flags. This is for your safety, but also that of your opponents and the track crew. So remember these flags well for your next race! Also, check out the safety rules beforehand.


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