The benefits of electric go-karts

When you are a real fan of the karting sport you may have noticed some indoor karting venues use electric go-karts instead of gas-fueled go-karts. Electric karts have a lot of benefits. Curious? We’ll tell you all about the benefits of electric karts.

Discover the benefits of electric go-karts

Electric karting

A huge benefit of electric karts is their smell and sound. “What smell and sound?” you might ask. Exactly, there is none. Compared to gas-fueled karts, electric karts don’t smell like gasoline fumes. Also, they’re really quiet when racing!

Electric karts are at the moment mainly used on indoor karting circuits. When driving gas-fueled karts indoor, it’s possible that once every few heats all the karting pleasure has to stop to ventilate the venue and get rid of all the emission gasses from the heats before. You have to wait until the air is clean enough to race again. No gas, no problem. With electric go-karts, the fun never has to end. Unless you crash of course.

Race in electric go-karts at Accelerate Indoor Speedway

Environmental friendly

Electric karts are not only a lot quieter and smell a lot less, you drive your laps environmentally friendly. When driving an electric kart, there are no exhaust gases that come free every time you put your pedal to the medal. You can have fun on the karting track with a clean and green conscience.

Booster button

And the most important benefit electric karts have to offer is a booster button. Too bad not every electric kart has this feature, but a lot of them are equipped with this nice gadget. This one is fun especially for the real racers and the Formula 1 fan.

A booster button gives you just a little extra speed, very handy if you want to surpass the driver in front of you. It feels like you put on the DRS in a Formula 1 race. Is this the extra boost you need to make it to the finish line first? Make sure to check out the safety rules beforehand.

Book tickets to race in electric go-karts

These are all the benefits electric karting has to offer. No more harsh noises and smelly fumes. Your races are environmentally friendly and hopefully equipped with a booster button. What is your favorite way of karting? Electric or in a gas-fueled go-kart? Discover it yourself now.


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