These rules make sure your karting experience is safe

There are different rules that apply for every karting track. You booked your karting activity and you are ready to step foot in a go-kart and race on the track. But do you know how you can safely win the race? We have all the in and outs you need to know to win. 

Discover the karting rules

Karting rule #1: Stay in your kart 

Whatever happens, never get out of your go-kart during the race! Getting out of your kart in the middle of the track can cause dangerous situations. You never know how many racers are near you and they don’t know that you are walking on the circuit. Only in a highly unlikely situation, you can get out of your go-kart. 

Karting rule #2: No Bumping

You may have one or two of them in your friend group. This person isn’t the best karter and tries to make up for this in other ways. By bumping and boxing his or her way to the finish line. We call this person ‘the bumper’ and there are more types of karters you can find during almost every race. If they want to bump into everyone they could have gotten a ticket for a ride in a bumper car instead of going karting. Bumping into anyone that drives near you isn’t allowed on the karting track. It is dangerous, you can get serious neck and back injuries because of this. And nobody wants that. So keep it safe, keep it fun, and don’t turn your friends’ karting race into a bumpy one. 

Karting rule #3: Don’t use your phone while racing

It isn’t safe to use a mobile phone whilst driving your car, the same goes for karting. Don’t use your phone whilst you’re driving in a go-kart. Before and after the race you can take all the pictures you want, but not during the karting heat. And also, when you are karting you have no time to look at your phone. If you wanna win the race you must be focused!

Karting rule #4: Watch the flags 

There are eight different kinds of flags karting venues use to communicate with the drivers. Don’t worry, no need to know them all by heart. Before your karting heat starts you get a rundown of all the rules and flags. Here are the three most important ones: 

  • The red flag: Stop! The race is paused because of an accident or a blockage for example. 
  • The white flag: When you see this flag-waving you are entering the last round. Put your pedal to the metal once more!
  • Chequered flag: When you see this flag first, you are the winner of the race!

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Get used to the the karting rules during your next outing

During your race around the karting circuit, there are a lot of rules and flags to oblige. This way, the sport is safe and for everyone participating. But no worries, before you get ready to race you always get a safety briefing. After this briefing, you can put your helmet on and your visor down. You need everything you need to know to win the karting race safely and fast! Start planning your kids’ party now!


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