The best excuses when you lose with karting

Go-karting with friends can be exciting. Although each round might be a close call, not everyone can finish first. No matter how big or small the difference, someone who did not finish first place always has the most excuses. Does this sound familiar? Which of these karting excuses are your friends coming up with when they don’t finish first?

Discover the best karting excuses

“Your kart was faster”

Every kart track seems to have that one kart that goes just as fast as the Mercedes that tears around the tracks in the 2020 Formula 1 season. No one seems to be able to keep up with it.

Perfect to spot this kart during an earlier heat, so you know exactly which “magical” kart you have to get into so you will drive the fastest lap. Or you can use this “magical” kart as an excuse when you are not in this kart and didn’t finish first.

“I didn’t know the track yet”

This one is for the karters who think they can take a few more seconds off their lap time in the next race. They don’t know the track very well yet, don’t know exactly which corners they can go fully in and where they have to hit the brakes to take the curve on the track perfectly.

The racing line is still far from perfect and that works as a good karting excuse when they don’t finish first place. “Oh, but I did not take that corner fully, next round I will”. Hopefully, the next lap will go better.

“You are a few pounds lighter than me”

The karting excuses about the few pounds that you differ from the group of friends always remains a good excuse of why you were just some hundredths faster on your lap. “But you are a few pounds lighter than me.” There is some truth to it, the lighter you are, the faster you’ll fly around the track in your kart.

But, you have to master the technique of your kart, otherwise, you can still be so light-weighted, but won’t be faster than your heavier teammates! This could also be used as another excuse why the last round wasn’t your finest. Found out more about the minimum age to go karting here.

“I started at the back”

“I started at the back” is a classic one. Sometimes this excuse goes in combination with “I had very slow people driving in front of me”. Very annoying… But once you are past these less experienced kart-drivers, there is no reason why you did not set the fastest lap time.

The best karting excuses to use: I started at the back

Other karting excuses to try out:

  • The brakes on my kart didn’t work properly.
  • My kart had a real bad malfunction.
  • I am more of an outdoor carter. (And vice versa.)
  • The tires of my kart need to be replaced, I had no grip at all.
  • I drove a really good lap but then I braked wrong.
  • Someone crashed into me.
  • And one for the outside kart racers: “It was raining, so I didn’t have any grip”. (Because not everyone on the track is bothered by that of course.)

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These are some of our favorite excuses. So next time you lose a round, you at least have enough reasons to prove that it was not your fault. Because of course you always win. Don’t forget to check the safety rules beforehand.


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