Dual go-karting: why you want to do this

Dual go-karting, have you ever heard of it? While you’re dual go-karting you’re not just racing together on the track but you’re actually sitting together in a go-kart. You could compare it to bumper cars. However, in double karts, you’ll be go-karting on the tracks instead of bumping into each other.

Dual go-karting: what’s that?

What’s different about dual go-karting is that you’re with two people in one go-kart. While one person is driving, the other one can just sit in the kart and watch the competition on the track. This is extremely fun to do with friends and family. When you choose to race in double karts everyone can join. Invite your friends, family, or even your grandparents and make your way to the go-kart track.

Reasons to choose dual go-karting

Why should you choose a double kart? Dual go-karting is extremely fun to do when you’re not confident enough to race yourself but still would like to join. But that’s not the only reason. Dual go-karting is also the perfect option for younger children and people with disabilities who love go-karting. In a double kart, everyone can join the race.

Who is the driver?

When you choose to go dual go-karting, one person will be the driver. This is most likely an adult or someone aged 16+ years. Depending on the track or venue, these ages could be different. Find out more about how old you need to be to go-karting.

Some go-kart tracks even have the option that one of the experienced employees will drive the double kart. If you’re not looking for this, make sure to check the information beforehand to avoid any disappointment.

Dual karting

Dual go-karting with kids

The passenger does not have to be an adult. Most of the time the passengers can be younger and smaller than they’d have to be if they want to go go-karting themselves. This activity is possible from a younger age which makes it the perfect activity for when you’d like to go with the entire family. It is also a great option for people who may have a disability. 

When choosing to go go-karting in double karts, everyone can race on the track. The requirements for passengers are different at every venue. Make sure to check the requirements before booking the tickets. Organise your next kids’ party.

Where to race in dual karts

Are you excited to try go-karting in double karts yourself? That’s possible. There are many locations worldwide that provide double karts on the tracks. Mention at the inquiry that you’d like to have a double kart. At the moment we don’t have any double karts deals available on gokartingtickets.com, however, you can send an inquiry form.

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