How tall do you have to be to go karting?

Are you looking for an adrenaline-filled activity for a family outing or children’s party? Then go-karting is for you! Go-karting is suitable for everyone, but you have to know the conditions. Most karting tracks require a minimum height. But how tall do you have to be to go karting? These rules can differ considerably per go-kart track. Read on and avoid unpleasant situations! 

Safety first

Most karting tracks don’t look at the minimum age but at the minimum length. This has several safety reasons. For example, it is very essential that you can easily reach the accelerator and brake pedals. After all, safety is paramount at all times. After all, you want to be able to tear through the corners safely without making accidents. That’s why there are rules that everyone at the karting track has to follow.

How tall do you have to be to go karting? A minimum length

But how tall do you have to be to be allowed to go karting? This is different at every karting track. At some go-karting tracks, there only is a minimum height requirement. At some venues, you’ll have to reach a height and age requirement to be able to go racing.  If you do not meet the minimum length requirements, you will not be allowed to race. So be prepared and read the conditions at the venue to avoid disappointment.

how long should you be for karting

Everyone can participate 

In addition to normal karting, some tracks also offer karting for children. Different rules apply. Children’s karts come with an adjustable seat. These karts often have a lower speed but are just as fun to race. 

Electric karting is a safe option to do with small children. This is because electric go-karts can be centrally shut down should something happen on the go-kart track.

Are you still a little too small or do you think karting is too exciting? Then some karting tracks allow you to be a co-driver in a duo kart. This way, everyone can take part!

Book tickets for karting

Now that you’re well prepared and you’re sure everyone can join in, you’re ready to book your day out. Check out all the go-kart deals on our site.


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