5 Go-kart tips to beat everyone on the karting track

Is a day of go-karting on the agenda soon? With a group of friends, your family, or as a company outing? Go-karting is always fun, sociable, but above all competitive. As soon as you step into the kart and the starting signal is given, your colleagues and family become your biggest competition. You only have one goal: to be the fastest on the track. With these karting tips, you’ll beat everyone on the karting track!

Go-kart tip #1 Drive on the racing line

Go-karting tip #1: Drive on the racing line. The ideal racing line is the route that will get you around the track in the fastest time. This racing line is different for every karting track. The ideal racing line takes into account the bends, braking moments, and when to hit the gas. Don’t know what the ideal racing line looks like for the track where you will be karting? Ask a staff member or try it out yourself while karting! 

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Go-kart tip #2: Use your weight to get through the turn!

Professional drivers do this like the best of them. When a sharp turn comes, they don’t lean against it but use their weight to get through the turn even faster. In a sharp turn, you have to deal with G-forces, which push you to the outside of the kart. Do not lean against it! Lean in when this happens. During these turns, your tires have the most grip, by leaning into the turn they get a little extra grip. These karting tips will help you get through the turn faster and get you to the finish line. 

Go-kart tip #3 Focus on where you want to go

One of the first things you learn when driving a car also applies to karting: look at the point where you want to go. Of course, you have to pay attention to your surroundings. But know where you want to drive and focus on that. Try to look through the turns, as it were. When you look at your fellow drivers on the track, you often unconsciously brake. So focus on the track. Be careful not to crash, keep paying attention to where the other karters are. Look far ahead and overtake safely! 

Go-kart tip #4 Go full speed!  

Without gas, you will not move forward. And don’t be afraid of the gas pedal. On the straights, you can just give it a good kick. But for throttle applies, do it in moderation. When you make a turn, it is important that you slow down a little before you enter the turn, you can give it gas again when you exit the turn. If you get the hang of this, you won’t have to do many corrections and you will have a fast time. No idea when to brake for the turns? Ask one of our staff and get on the gas! 

Go-kart tip #5 Drift in these places

Wins sometimes come with sacrifices. Drifting may give you the real karting feeling. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get you the win. Only in one case can drifting help you to victory. That’s when there are turns in opposite directions in quick succession. So a left turn after a right turn, or vice versa. This is where drifting can give you an advantage.

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These were our karting tips to beat everyone at the karting track. Now there is only one thing left for you to do: win! But this might require some practice first. Hurry up and visit a go-kart track near you. Who knows, maybe in a few years you’ll be a big name in motorsports. Does winning really not work out? Then we also have a few excuses ready for you.

Do you want to make sure your go-kart outing doesn’t become incredibly expensive? Then pay attention to these points when you’re planning your next outing.


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