Cheap go-karting? Pay attention to these points!

A day of karting is a sporty and competitive activity. Perfect for an outing with a group of friends. Do you want to see who is the racing hero of your group soon? Keep on reading, we’ll tell you how you can go go-karting for cheap.

Price per heat

With karting, you often pay per heat. A heat is the round in which you kart and it always lasts a certain number of minutes. How many minutes? That differs per go-kart track. If you want to go karting cheaply, pay attention to this. If a track has cheaper heats than the competition, you may not be able to race as long. For example, at one track you might pay €10 for a 10-minute heat and at the next track, you might pay €15 for a 20-minute heat. Do you want cheap karting? Find out how long a heat is! 

At some tracks, you race in a Grand Prix style race with a podium. And at other tracks, your heat is a fixed number of laps instead of minutes. Want to make sure you win the race, no matter what? Read these karting tips.

Cheap karting. If you want to go cheap karting, use these tips

Book more than one heat

The more heats, the cheaper karting becomes. Do you often have the feeling that when your race is over and you’re done with karting, you want to do it all over again? You are certainly not the only one. Karting tracks often offer a discount if you reserve several heats at once. The more heats you reserve, the cheaper a session of karting becomes. Add an extra heat when you make your reservation. You’ll have extra fun on the track and it will be cheaper per heat!

Cheap karting? Keep an eye out for promotions 

Karting tracks sometimes have quieter periods (during the summer for example). In these periods they often have special offers. If you want to go karting for cheap you can make good use of these actions. These actions are often discounts on heats, three heats for the price of two. Or a combination deal where the karting is combined with a game of laser tag, bowling, or another activity. Go cheap karting and a have fun day out! 

Now you know all the tips for cheap karting. Book quickly and keep these tips in mind.


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