What is a heat by karting?

You’re all set to go karting and have already invited your friends, family, or colleagues for a blood-curdling race on one of the racing circuits. You’d like to make a reservation, but during the checkout process you see ‘a heat karting’ or ‘2 heats karting’. But what exactly does a ‘heat’ of karting mean? We’ll explain it to you!

A heat of karting

At almost all karting tracks worldwide, a heat karting is (around) 10 minutes. You can always see this in the karting track’s deal. In the deal, there is always the program for your booking, which also indicates how long you will be karting with your friends, family, or colleagues. A heat lasts about 10 minutes. But can also be 8 or fifteen minutes long.

This may not sound much, but on a track of 300 meters, you can make a lot of laps! Each lap you can improve yourself and try to get through the turns even better than in the previous lap. So heat does not mean that you can only drive one lap, but it is the time that you spend racing on the track.

What is a karting heat

Race multiple heats

Would you like to kart for longer than 10 minutes? You can, it’s possible to book several karting heats. That way you don’t just go karting for a heat, but you can also go 2 or even 3 heats! After the first 10 minutes of karting, the first heat is over and you leave the track to take a break.

You can discuss the thrilling race and get ready for the next one. Then you go back onto the track and the competition starts again. Did you lose despite your best efforts? You can always use these excuses.

Races or laps

Some karting tracks don’t work with the number of minutes of karting, but use races or laps. At these karting tracks, you will not race for 10 minutes and therefore no timer is set. For example, you will race 15 races or laps. Races or laps are the number of laps you make on the karting track. So if you drive slowly, you have more time on the track, but you don’t want that because you want to show how fast you are. With these tips, you’ll be able to race even faster on the karting track.

Book your karting heat now

Now that you know the difference between a race, lap, and heat, it’s easier to book your next karting outing. How many heats will you race? Pick your favorite indoor or outdoor go-kart track and go racing.


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