What is a Grand Prix

The term Grand Prix has been around since 1894. This was a rally in Paris. Hence the French name Grand Prix, which translates to ‘Grand Price’. Today the term Grand Prix is most famous from Formula 1. On Sundays 20 drivers race for the win in the world championship.

The French Grand Prix is the oldest circuit around. In 1906, this circuit hosted the first-ever international motor race with the name Grand Prix.

A Grand Prix race

But what is a Grand Prix exactly? A Grand Prix is a series of races. Hereby formula cars are racing to win the championship. A Grand Prix race is mostly held on closed highways. But there is a lot of differentiation between these circuits. There are circuits built especially for Grand Prix racing and other automobile events such as Zandvoort Circuit in The Netherlands. But you also have the Grand Prix of Australia, which is held in an industrial area, and the Grand Prix of Monaco, which goes straight through the city.

Formula 1 

Formula 1 is the most famous example of a Grand Prix. During Formula 1, there are 20 drivers who race to win the world championship. They do this by competing in roughly 20 Grand Prix races all over the world. 

What is a Grand Prix

Try Grand Prix karting yourself

You don’t have to be an amazing driver to race in your own Grand Prix, although it does help. Many go-karting tracks have a variation of this format. Now you can also try to finish P1. Most of these Grand Prix races consist of a practice race, a qualifying race and then, the Grand Prix itself. 

This is not the same at all venues and most have different lengths you can choose between. This way you can decide how long you want to race in a Grand Prix and how much money you’d like to spend on your day at the go-kart track.

Karting can be done from a young age and safety is something that is paid close attention to. There are rules on the track, different kinds of flags, and correct racing gear. This all to ensure a safe karting Grand Prix.

Worldwide venues where you can go Grand Prix karting


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