Should you drift your kart during races?

Drifting is something that happens a lot during kart races. It sounds cool and gives you a real racing feeling, but should you drift or not? Do you go faster by driving your kart through the corners? Read on and find out!

How to drift your kart while racing?

Drifting sounds simple, but it isn’t! It is controlled sliding with a kart. It is the ultimate form of vehicle control, but it sometimes happens by accident. The driver throws the steering wheel to one side while drifting and then holds it as long as possible. While drifting, you also throw your weight to one side of the kart.

drift kart: should you do it?

Is drifting during go-kart racing good or bad?

We have to ruin the illusion that drifting is faster because that is not the case. Because during a drift you deliberately put your kart in oversteer. And try to keep this as long as possible. In karting, you lose speed because of this. You always want to let your wheels roll, because that’s how you create the most speed. 

But there is a ray of hope on the horizon because with some bends or certain surfaces it is faster to drift! Some venues have a racing coach, ask him where these turns are. It may not always be faster, but it is of course very cool to put your kart in a drift position. Drifting is not good at all for the tires of the kart, because they wear out much faster. Real drifting is also difficult with most rental karts because you can often only drift a little. But of course, it is worth a try! Make sure to check the different race flags beforehand.

Do you still want to drift your kart? Try drift karting!

Do you want to drift? That is possible! Because there is drift karting. These karts have been adjusted so that you can make the perfect drift. The karts are also equipped with a handbrake and special drift tires. Do you want to show your new drifting skills on the karting track? Get some tickets for a heat of karting near you!


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