6 types of drivers while karting you will encounter

What do you remember about the last time you went karting? That one friend who always crashes? Or that semi-professional who already knew the go-kart track by heart? Everyone is a different racer, but certain characters can still be recognised on the go-kart track. In which of the 6 types of drivers while karting do you recognise yourself and which are your friends?

Discover the types of drivers while karting

The batter

The batter thinks he’s at the fair. Because the batter is actually not very good at karting. He tries to win by crashing and colliding. Not only is it annoying, but it’s also very dangerous. This can cause nasty accidents, and he/she will be flagged to quit. Don’t be a batter, karting is more fun! 

The slow person

The slow person is someone who thinks he is driving in a residential area where you have to drive at 30 km/h. This person also keeps right, even in the bends. An advantage of having this person in your group is that you will never be last because the slow one will always be last. So extra chance for you to win! Take a look at the best excuses when losing a race here.

The professional

This is someone who has already raced several times and can call you a pro. It is actually not nice to have this person in your group, because the chance that you will finish first is quite small. An advantage of the pro is that he/she can give you tips to race faster.

6 types of drivers while karting: the professional

The social animal

This is someone who actually came along for the snacks and beer. This person is actually not interested in karting. If the person does get on the track, the motto is: “participating is more important than winning”. As soon as this person gets out of the kart, he/she will be the first to sit at the bar, that person is fast in that part. 

The fanatic on

The fanatic one is someone who thinks winning is more important than participating and who tries everything to win. This person knows all the flags and has no problem filing a protest after the game. This person is also very bad at losing. But luckily there is ‘the social animal’ to cheer up this person again with some snacks. 

The big mouth

And last but not least, there is the big mouth. Before the race starts, he/she has already told a hundred stories about how good that person is. From these stories, everyone should believe that he/she is the best, but nothing could be further from the truth because this person cannot really go-karting at all. When the person gets into the kart, he/she falls through the basket and eventually ends up next to the podium.

Find out which one of the types of drivers while karting you are

Which one of the types of drivers while karting are you? A real pro, or are you always ready with excuses? Find out and book your next kart heat quickly!


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