The benefits of gas-fueled karts

The smell of gas, the hard noises when someone goes full throttle, and the engine vibrating on the go-kart. It makes karting a sport many people love. Driving in gas-fueled karts has benefits. Curious about what those benefits are? Discover them now. 

Discover the benefits of gas-fueled karts

Gas-fueled karts give you a racing feeling 

The benefits of gas karts are very obvious for real enthusiastic karters. Besides the smell and the noise that just belongs on the kart track, the power of a motor on gas has just felt right. The way you pull up when you go full throttle. All these things combined are what gives you a racing feeling.

Benefits of gas-fueled karts

Indoors and outdoors 

With a gas kart, it doesn’t matter if you are on an outdoor go-karting track or an indoor track. These go-karts are built to drive not only inside but can withstand the elements of the outside as well. Want to feel the wind in your face on an outside track or wanna make sure you stay dry? Gas karts are the answer to both!

Fast, go faster

Gas karts are fast. Where electric karts often have a limit that prohibits you from going too fast. On an outdoor karting track, you can push the speed limit of your gas-fueled kart a little further. Indoor karts go around 35 mph, but on an outside track, this can go up to 50 mph. Outdoor karting on gas is the activity for the ones that have a real need for speed. 

Book tickets for go-karting

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for your next activity in a gas go-kart. Or do you wanna know more about electric karts? Book your tickets for go-karting now.


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