Different kind of karting tracks in the USA

If you are a kart racing fanatic you may have noticed that there are a lot of different karting tracks to choose from. All with one thing in common: racing. There are fun karting circuits at family entertainment centers, and tracks on which you can take on more professional karting. We talk you through the differences between all the karting tracks in the USA.

Discover the best go-kart tracks in the USA

Karting at a family entertainment center

At family entertainment centers (FEC’s), you can find a wide range of fun activities to do, some also have a go-kart track. You pay a small price for a few minutes of fun on the karting track. These tracks are mostly outside and often come with elements like a flyover or a multi-level section. Check out more about the outdoor go-karting tracks.

The karts and track are very safe, they are a little bit slower, and sometimes even duo karts are available, so even the smallest drivers can join the race. For example the karting tracks in Adventure Island. When you go kart racing at a family entertainment center you are not required to wear a helmet.

Different tracks in the USA: Adventure Island

This is because these go-karts are mostly for fun and don’t go nearly as fast as the go-karts that are used at karting venues. But that doesn’t mean it’s less fun. Kart Kountry has a track that is almost 8000 feet long! You usually pay around $7 for a few minutes of karting. A good price, for a fun round of karting.

Karting venues for a fun getaway

When you go to a traditional karting venue the karts go a little (or a lot) faster than when you go racing at an FEC. The track is more challenging and it’s really all about racing. On these karting tracks, you are required to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is for safety reasons.

No matter how safe a track may seem, or how talented you are, accidents can happen to anyone, unfortunately. Wearing a helmet will keep your head safe, as most karts max out at 40 to 50 mph. Generally, heats last about 10-15 minutes. A safety instruction is part of the activity and most venues offer special races like endurance racing or a Grand Prix. Check out more about the rules during karting.

Karting venues for professional karting

Then lastly you have venues where you can go racing professionally. You can bring your own fast kart or hire a kart that is often used for professional use. You can’t just enter the track, there are special conditions for safety. At most venues, you have to be a racing member. 

When you go racing in a fast kart you can really start working on your driving style, racing lines. These go-karts can reach 70-mph! You never want to lose speed during a karting race, but especially not in a rental kart. There are a lot of karting venues where you can take karting lessons and compete in competitions. Are you the next Lewis Hamilton? Try go-karting on a competition level and discover your racing talent.


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