Karting during the October Holidays (Ireland)

With the October Holidays coming up in Ireland we thought we’d give you the best tip to spend your free time. And that is, go-karting! Karting is an extremely fun activity to do with friends, family or even colleagues (in case you miss them already). Discover more about go-karting and which tracks you don’t want to miss out on in Ireland.

Go-karting during the October Holidays

Have you decided what to do with your days off in the October Holidays? Well, you should go karting! Go-karting is the perfect activity to do during your time off. An outing, full of fun and excitement. No matter what occasion you’re planning, go-karting is always a great choice. In case you’re organising a special event during the October Holidays like a birthday party, family reunion or even a kids’ party, karting in Ireland is the perfect activity for you.

Karting during the October Holidays (Ireland) at The Zone

Go-karting in Ireland during the October Holidays is fun and safe for everyone

While you may think that karting is only possible to do with adults, it is actually a fun activity for children as well. With the special childproof gear and go-karts, even the little ones can enjoy an exciting race on the go-kart tracks. Before you start your karting race, you’ll receive safety instructions.

These safety instructions will make sure you and your friends can race safely and understand the meaning of the different flags. Therefore, go-karting is a safe activity for your next outing during the October Holidays in Ireland!

Must-visit go-kart tracks in Ireland

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to karting venues in Ireland, which is why there’s always a suitable option for you. We have summed up some of our favourite tracks and highly recommend visiting any of these.

  • The Zone: this 400-metre long indoor go-kart track is the ultimate venue for your next karting outing. Dare your friends for a challenging race on this circuit in Navan.
  • National Kart Centre – Cork: this fantastic go-kart venue in Cork is definitely worth a visit during the October Holidays.
  • Kart City: make your karting experience extra special when racing on this outdoor go-kart track in Dublin.
  • Galway City Karting: located in Galway you’ll be guaranteed to have an unforgettable karting experience.

These are just a few of the go-kart venues in Ireland. View all of the fantastic go-kart venues located in Ireland.

Book karting tickets for the October Holidays in Ireland easily online

Are you excited to go karting during your October Holidays in Ireland? Don’t wait any longer and start planning your visit now. We highly recommend booking your tickets in advance to avoid any disappointment. Book your tickets now on our website and enjoy your go-karting experience during the October Holidays in Ireland.


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