A karting kids’ party: the best activity to choose

Are you looking for some inspiration for a kids’ party? Don’t look further, we’ve got you covered. The best kids’ party idea is go-karting. All ages can enjoy the best time on the tracks celebrating their birthday. Are you ready to party? Discover now where to visit for a karting kids’ party.

A kids’ party for all ages

Go-karting is possible from a young age. The requirements for the minimum ages are different per venue, so make sure you check these out. The requirements are usually with a minimum age and/or a minimum height, which is usually about 8 years old and 1.35m (approx. 4ft5) long.

Safety guaranteed during a karting kids’ party

Not only are there requirements for go-karting such a minimum age and height to ensure your safety. Before the kids step into their go-kart, they’ll receive safety instructions and the right race gear such as a helmet.

With the safety briefing, the kids will learn all there is to know about go-karting. They’ll learn what the rules are and how the go-kart works. This way, they’ll be able to enjoy a carefree kids’ party.

Special junior and kids’ karts

At most of the venues, you’ll find a specially designed kids’ or junior kart. These are usually less heavier, have less power and are easier to steer. Because of these karts even the youngest speed devils can join this kids’ party.

The best kids’ karting locations

You’ll find the best karting kids’ party locations worldwide on our website. Some of our favorite kids’ karting locations are:

Book your kids’ party now

Are you the next F1 driver? Find out during your next kids’ party. Discover now how fast you can go and start planning your karting kids’ party now. One thing is for sure: this party will be remarkable.


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