From which age are you allowed to go go-karting?

Go-karting is a fun and thrilling activity for all ages. But from which age are you actually allowed to go go-karting and how tall do you have to be? At some tracks there is indeed a minimum age required but at other tracks it could be a minimum length, or sometimes both. These requirements are different at every track. Make sure to find out what the requirements are so you won’t end up with any surprises.

Go-karting: the required age and length

In order to go go-karting, there are different requirements when it comes to age and length. These requirements can be different per go-karting venue. Make sure to always check what these are before planning your visit.

Different required ages

Most of the tracks have a minimum age requirement to go go-karting. These ages are different per venue. For example, go-karting at YAS Marina Circuit is possible from the age of 5 years and older. At Barcelona Gené Karting you need to be at least 6 years old.

These requirements are there for a reason. Firstly, at some of the tracks they have different karts available such as adult karts and kids karts. Usually when different karts are available the minimum age is from around 7/8 years old. Secondly, it’s based on the difficulty level of the track. 

Minimum length

Most of the go-kart tracks don’t only use a minimum age, but also a minimum length. This is to make sure that everyone is able to reach the brake and accelerator pedals. Again, the minimum length is different per venue and sometimes it’s also the only requirement. 

At K1 Speed – Bluffton there is not an age minimum, but a minimum of length in order to go go-karting. You need to be 48″ (121.9 cm) to go go-karting. Make sure to find out what these requirements are before visiting a track of your choice.

Karting: which heat is for which age?

There are different heats such as adult heats, junior heats and family heats. To avoid that the youngest kids race together with adults, some venues organize different junior or family heats. By racing in separate heats, everyone enjoys the best time on the track. Before you step into your kart, you’ll receive a safety briefing.

Adult heats

During an adult heats, the karts will be going full speed. Only adults are allowed to race in these heats. To race in an adult heat, the requirements are different per track. Make sure to check out the different flags that are being used during a kart race.

Junior heats

Sometimes there are junior heats available for the children. Kids can find it a little nerve-wracking to go go-karting, which is why they might not go as fast as adults. Of course, it’s also not as fun for the younger ones when older and more experienced drivers keep overtaking them. These heats are perfect for organising a kids’ party.

With a junior heat, the karts won’t go as fast as adult karts. During such a heat, only children are allowed to go go-karting. At some of the tracks, there might even be a shorter or different track for the kids.

Family heats

During a family heat, adults and children race together on the track. The adult karts will not be going as fast as usual. Keep in mind that there is a chance that you’ll be karting with other families as well. But of course, the more people the merrier

requirements for go-karting: age

Dual karts: karting possible for every age

Would you still like to go go-karting but you’re not old or tall enough? At some of the tracks it’s possible to race in dual karts. This is possible at Karting Valencia in Valencia and Hi Voltage Entertainment in Belmont. This way, even the youngest speed devils can enjoy a ride with mum or dad (or anyone else older than the required age). This is definitely a unique experience!

Have a look at the requirements before you go go-karting

Make sure to find out what the requirements are to go go-karting. How old do you need to be or what is the minimum length? It’s important to know this before you book your tickets in order to avoid disappointment. Once you know that everyone is allowed to join it’s time to make your reservation. Have a look at the most incredible deals.


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