Know these 5 turns to win every karting race

Karting contains a lot of different elements that form the sport into what it is today. Think of the different high speeds that you can reach by controlling your gas pedal, the element of competition, and the battle between you and your opponent to get the fastest lap time. To make sure that you are the king or queen of the track we got some tips and tricks for you to help you win that trophy: know these 5 turns to win every karting race!

Discover the 5 karting turns

The hairpin turn

This hairpin turn is a 180-degree turn which can be a difficult one to execute to perfection. When you see a hairpin turn coming, follow the next steps to perform a perfect turn: First, enter the turn as wide as possible. Just before stirring in, push the brake pedal a little, this is a turn you can take with less speed. Drive closely past the apex and the moment you’re past it hit that gas pedal again. Now how to get the best go kart technique cornering.

A 90-degree turn

The 90-degree turn is not that difficult. The one ingrediënt for a perfect 90-degree turn is courage. “Why courage?” you might ask yourself. Courage is necessary by going full throttle in a 90-degree turn. Speed is key by mastering this turn and slowing down will cost you precious seconds on the track, the seconds you will need to finish in first.

Want to know how to get. the ideal go kart technique cornering? To take a perfect 90-degree turn, you need to approach the turn wide and slow down just a little, steer in, and drive closely past the apex. Once you are past the apex, go full throttle and enter the turn as wide as possible.

The S-bend turn

The S-bend turn is not one turn, but multiple turns that flow into each other. This is the reason why this turn is so difficult to execute perfectly on the first or even the second try.  Not every S-bend is the same, quite the opposite. These S-bends can differ a lot per karting track so there is not just one correct way on how to take these turns.

We do have a few tips for your kart technique cornering on how to ace this turn: first, approach the S-bend with full speed and drive closely past the first apex. What comes next, differs per track, but keep in mind that there is another bend coming right after this first apex, so do not get too excited otherwise you will spinout. Keep the race line in mind so you can exit the turn at full speed.

The Chicane turn

The Chicane turn separates the experienced drivers from the beginners. This turn inquires a lot of skill so this is your moment to shine! When approaching a chicane, this is what you need to do. First, stir in and scrape the first apex. After you drive past the first apex, it is time to show your real talent!

Lightly press the brake pedal to reduce a little speed and keep your steering wheel straight. Next, you enter the second apex which you need to scrape again. During this apex, you may need to turn the steering wheel around. And last, but not least, the third apex. This one, you need to enter wide at full speed. Once you have mastered the Chicane, you’ve become a real karting master.

Double right turn

This turn will swing you right around in your kart. In a way, this turn looks a bit like the 90-degree turn where speed is key. But, be careful when entering the first curve because your next turn is just around the corner. Enter the first turn wide, steer in when you pass the apex, and enter the next turn wide as well. Don’t forget to check out the different racing flags for your next outing.

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These are some of the turns you can come across when racing on a karting circuit. Book your next karting adventure now and show your friends and family your new learned skills when you race past them. Start organising your kids’ party.


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