Suit up in the correct go-kart outfit

The reservation is made and you are ready to start your next go-kart race. But, before you can put your pedal to the metal, you need to wear a proper karting outfit. Protective shoes, a helmet, and overall, and more. Why do you need to have a complete change of clothes before you go kart racing? This has to do with the safety of the karters. Want to know what is part of the correct outfit? Find out now!

Discover the correct go-kart outfit

Closed-toe shoes are part of the correct go-kart outfit

When you are going for a race on the circuit you are required to wear closed-toe shoes. The main reason for this is safety. The chances of an accident are slim, but it is better to be prepared just in case. You can get ugly injuries when you run into something and you are wearing sandals. And, not unimportant, you have more grip on the pedals when you are wearing closed-toe shoes. Lesser chance of injury, a bigger chance of winning! Check out more about the safety rules.

Suit up in your go-kart outfit

An overall is an important part of your go-kart outfit

If you’ve ever been karting before, this one is nothing new to you: at almost every go-kart track, you need to suit up. There is one exception, that is when you go kart racing at a Family Entertainment Center (FEC). In that case, overalls and helmets are not always mandatory. Karts at an FEC usually go a lot slower than the ones you’ll find at ‘regular’ racing venues.

If you are a fan of car races you may have seen the overalls before, they are worn for fire protection. The fact is that karting is a pretty safe sport to do, but still, we won’t take any risks. And besides overall’s make karting a bit safer it will protect your clothes from getting dirty during the race as well! A win-win situation.

No helmet, no kart racing

This is the most important piece of your go-kart outfit. Your helmet. Wearing a helmet is mandatory on every track except the karting tracks you’ll find at an FEC. Other than that, no helmet means there is no racing for you. During a heat, chances are you bump into others and get bumped into plenty of times. Especially when you have a ‘batter type’ in your heat. A helmet will protect your head from the hits you will get. Be safe and wear a helmet.

Be fancy: wear gloves

Gloves are not a necessity during karting but more a fancy piece of attire. They do have benefits during racing. During the race, you hold onto the stirring wheel pretty tightly, gloves will make this more comfortable. When you try karting on an outdoor track, gloves will also protect you from cold and wind.

Get your head in the game

Last but not least, get your head in the game. Make sure you make the right decisions on the track and overtake your opponents with a fool-proof strategy. Check out more about the best way to take a turn here.

Get ready to suit up in your go-kart outfit

Now you know what you need to wear or bring to your next go-kart race. Which karting track are you going to try first? See which circuits are closest to you!


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