Go karts Barcelona: this is where you should go go-karting

Looking for an insane experience of go karts in Barcelona? You’re in for a sensational time when going to race in go karts in Barcelona. Go-karting in Barcelona, Catalonia brings a lot of joy and excitement and will get your heart pumping. Below we’ll explain all the reasons to choose go karts Barcelona and where to visit.

Visit the best go karts locations in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its fantastic tracks. However, this indoor track is a must-visit. The circuit of Barcelona Gené Karting is a challenge for all drivers because of the great tactical turns. Everyone can enjoy go karts Barcelona on this track.

Why you should go karting in Barcelona

Aside from being an absolute blast of adrenaline and awesomeness, go-karting improves your reflexes and steering skills. The possibilities in Barcelona are endless and perfect for an outing indoors. It’s great fun to do it with your friends, family or colleagues. No matter what the occasion is, karting in Barcelona is always a good idea. Make sure to check out the safety rules beforehand.

Go karts in Barcelona is fun for everyone

What makes karting in Barcelona the ideal activity is that young and old speed devils can have a blast on the indoor track. Children of the age of 6 years and older and longer than 1.28m can enjoy a thrilling race in the specially designed kids karts. This makes it the ideal outing for a kids’ party.

The ideal activity for every occasion

Since everyone is welcome to race in Barcelona, it makes the perfect activity for any occasion. This is why a visit to Barcelona Gené Karting is definitely worth it when you’re looking for a place for your next outing with friends. Also for special occasions like a family outing, a corporate event or bachelor party you’ll be having a blast.

Book your tickets now

Ready to have an incredible day out where adrenaline and fun are guaranteed? Go karts Barcelona and experience the sensation of speed. Visit the incredible venue of Barcelone Gené Karting – this is something you don’t want to miss out on.


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