Electric karts versus gasoline karts

It’s probably what karting enthusiasts look at first when picking a kart track. Whether there are electric karts or gasoline karts. You’ll notice the differences between the two in how the karts drive, but there are more differences. Here are the differences and advantages and disadvantages of electric karts versus gasoline karts. 

electric karts versus gasoline karts

Gasoline karts 

Gasoline karts, are traditional karts that have been around for quite a few years. They are real classics. Probably these karts are what you think of when you think of go-karts. Most go-kart tracks worldwide run on gasoline (or traditional) karts.

What are the advantages of gasoline karts?

One of the biggest advantages of gasoline karts is the sound and smell that comes with these go-karts. If you like this of course. When you step on the gas pedal of a gasoline go-kart, the engine comes to life. This is beyond anything else. 

On an indoor track, the speed of these go-karts is limited. They can go around 50 (30 mph) to 60 (37 mph) kilometers per hour. On outdoor tracks, these karts can reach 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph). How cool is that? 

The disadvantages of traditional go-karts

What is an advantage for real karting fans is sometimes a disadvantage for those looking for a fun day out. The smell and the noise of gasoline carts. Especially on indoor tracks, this can be really annoying.

Another disadvantage is the fumes that are released during racing. On an indoor track, it has to be ventilated. This can cause you to have to wait a long time between races before the next round begins. 

Electric karting

This type of karting is becoming increasingly more popular. All over the world, there are locations where you can enjoy a round of electric karting, for example at R1 Indoor karting in Lincoln, Rhode Island, United States.

The advantages of electric go-karts

There are several advantages to electric go-karts. For example, fewer emissions are released while racing. There are no loud noises and there is no smell. You are racing in cleaner air. The karts are sometimes even charged with green electricity too. 

One of our favorite benefits of electric go-karts is that they accelerate incredibly fast. And it doesn’t stop there. At some tracks, the electric go-karts are equipped with a booster button. This button gives your kart some extra power, which you can use while overtaking.

Also, electric go-karts are slightly safer than gasoline-powered go-karts. This is because they can be shut down centrally, should something happen on the track.

What are the disadvantages of electric karting?

Electric karting is unfortunately only possible on an indoor track. If you prefer to go karting outside, it is done in a gasoline go-kart. The advantages and disadvantages of go-karting are often tied to personal preferences. While some find the lack of loud noises and the smell a great advantage, fans of go-karts find this a disadvantage.


Are there other alternatives? Yes, there are! At Club Actif in the Belgian Ardennes, you can come and try your hand at devil karting. This kart does not have an engine. But how do you get ahead? Simple, you drive downhill. Try not to set the fastest lap time but the fastest descent. 

These were all the pros and cons of electric go-karts versus gasoline go-karts. Do you like the humming engines of a gasoline kart or do you like a green kart that accelerates at breakneck speed? Whatever your preference, there is always a karting track that suits you. Are you going to win the race or do you need some tips? Then maybe you should read through these excuses.


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