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Sep 16
What is a heat by karting?

ess you see 'a heat karting' or '2 heats karting'. But what exactly does a 'heat' of karting mean? We'll explain it to you!

Aug 26
How tall do you have to be to go karting?

Are you looking for an adrenaline-filled activity for a family outing or children's party? Then go-karting is for you! Go-karting is suitable for everyone, but you have to know the conditions. Most karting tracks require a minimum height. These rules can differ considerably per go-kart track. Read on and avoid unpleasant situations! 

Aug 05
5 Go-kart tips to beat everyone on the karting track

-karting is always fun, sociable, but above all competitive. As soon as you step into the kart and the starting signal is given, your colleagues and family become your biggest competition. You only have one goal: to be the fastest on the track. With these karting tips, you'll beat everyone on the karting track!

Jul 15
Cheap go-karting? Pay attention to these points!

A day of karting is a sporty and competitive activity. Perfect for an outing with a group of friends. Do you want to see who is the racing hero of your group soon? Keep on reading, we’ll tell you how you can go go-karting for cheap.

Jun 24
Electric karts versus gasoline karts

It's probably what karting enthusiasts look at first when picking a kart track. Whether there are electric karts or gasoline karts. You'll notice the differences between the two in how the karts drive, but there are more differences. Here are the differences and advantages and disadvantages of electric karts versus gasoline karts. 

Apr 01
A karting kids’ party: the best activity to choose

Are you looking for some inspiration for an upcoming kids’ party? Find out now why a karting kids’ party is the greatest party.

Mar 25
From which age are you allowed to go go-karting?

Go-karting is a fun and thrilling activity for all ages. But from which age are you actually allowed to go go-karting and how tall do you have to be? At some tracks there is indeed a minimum age required but at other tracks it could be a minimum length, or sometimes both. These requirements are […]

Mar 18
Go karts Barcelona: this is where you should go go-karting

atalonia brings a lot of joy and excitement and will get your heart pumping. Below we’ll explain all the reasons to choose go karts Barcelona and where to visit.

Mar 11
Fun things to do in Estepona

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Estepona, read on! In Estepona, Andalusia, you’ll find a lot of fun things to do with friends or family. Are you ready for an unforgettable outing? Take a look at the fun things you can do in Estepona.

Feb 18
Go-karting during your holiday

Maybe you have done it before - or maybe not - however, go-karting during your holiday is the most fun activity you can do. In some countries like Spain, you’ll find a lot of people planning a go-karting outing during their holiday.